February 8, 2013

2.2 //I do not like Valentine's Day [Part 1]

//Confession: I do not like Valentine's Day [Part 1].

I'm not saying I'm so anti-valentines I show up in black and refuse to smile. I'm not that dramatic about it, it's just not my favorite. Although I will admit that the candy is always awesome on Valentine's Day--who doesn't love heart shaped candy with a sassy message on it? 

This post however isn't so much about Valentine's day as it is love and the way we express it to each other. The whole thing about Valentine's day is flowers and chocolate and telling people that you love them. Something I can appreciate on a day to day basis, not so much on the once a year level. Gift giving is an art. And it is not about how expensive it is. Gifts to me are about thoughtfulness, inside jokes-- well planned and time invested kind of stuff. 

Not to brag or anything but the following are NOT valentine's gifts... most of these gifts were "just because". That's the kind of love I appreciate-- the kind that loves me just because, I'm me. 

I present to you [some] of the best gifts I have ever received:

This booklet is filled with short rhyming email posts that went back and forth for about a month between the two of us. He gave it to me when we finally saw each other for the first time in almost a year.  
I was speechless. It was adorable. Heart won over. 

About 4 months of skyping was the beginnings of Chase and my relationship. Though long distance wasn't ideal, this helped. We spent hours "hanging out" over skype. Little did I know while I was being my ridiculous self, Chase was capturing me in photographs. When I arrived in Texas to meet his family and see his home town, I was gifted with Facelog. Hilarious and perfect. 

The thing about distance for us was it became more difficult as time went on. Especially as I was in a major transitional period of my life. Knowing this, Chase created something called 'daily daisies' [daisies are my favorite flower]. These are cards, in individual envelopes, have thoughts about me, encouraging words, and sweet memories from the past 6 months of dating. On a hard or sad day I was to open and be encouraged. Handwritten, water-colored with white and yellow daisies, complete with twine to hang them on. 

Me and my dog carved out of a book :] 

All the instagram photos I have ever done of us, printed with the place they were taken on the bottom.

Daisy Dates. It's too hard to explain and too cute to not post. Thrift find, made into a neat little contraption that helps you pick the kind of date you should go on.

A vintage 1924 art deco spoon ring. If you know me then you know this is me, to a T. 

 I am so thankful for a love that shows all year long.//

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He is the best isn't he :)