March 12, 2013

3.2 // I crave do-nothing days

//Confession: I crave do-nothing days.

Is it just me or are weekends that don't require accomplishing a to-do list, just what the heart-doctor ordered? Having lived in the Virginia now for going on 5 months, you would think I would be well adjusted to a routine and have a social agenda in order. That however is not the case. These months have been a time of retreat. This has been a season of going on dates with my boyfriend... staying in comfy clothes all day without a lick of makeup... watching movies and endless episodes of friends... walking and talking with God as the sun descends behind the mountain...and enjoying the beauty of "snow light".

There are days this lackadaisical lifestyle makes me feel lazy or unproductive (as if working 40+ hours a week is unproductive). I may not be a full time grad student who is working two jobs anymore, but maybe that's what this season is all about. Taking a deep breath and enjoying the little things.

These are a few of my [do-nothing day] favorites

 Watching crazy amazing sunsets over the mountains

 Home cooked yours truly

 Game nights 

Care packages
(Especially ones that your best friend sends that include girl scout cookies)

Watching old movies snuggled up with my favorite pup. 

Slow mornings over coffee and breakfast with this guy.

Sometimes life slows down, but instead of trying to speed it back up, this time,
 I'm going to roll with the flow//

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