March 18, 2013

3.3// My outfit was ten dollars

photos by Chase Daniel

//Confession: My outfit was less than ten dollars...and from a thrift store.

Before there was a song about it, I have been intrigued by the findings at garage sales and goodwill's. I would say that my fascination with the old, however, began after my great aunt passed away and I inherited some of her jewelry. Antiqued, unique; I was hooked.

With an overarching love of fashion, thrifting becomes a sort of thrill. It's almost an art to be able to recognize something wearable amongst what can seem like a sea of worn mildewed clothing. The goal is to find the diamond in the rough. I am all about finding items that don't go out of style and making it my own. Pairing the "old" with what currently trending is my favorite.

Old or not, living in poverty means no trips to the mall. This is proof that you CAN find fashion in a thrift store if you're willing to search (and wash).

I will admit that it can be overwhelming. I suggest making a day of it. Rushing won't get you anywhere. Try a few shops. If you're not sure where to start, I suggest something simple and classic. Have an idea of what to look for, it narrows down the search. Check out websites like Modcloth or Pinterest to see what colors and patterns are trending then go out with a few favorite looks in mind that you might like to replicate. I'll start simple, a classic shape flattering essential:

The Highwaste A-line Skirt


Linen white skirt // Cap sleeve geo knit sweater // Vintage "9west" sandal wedges // Woven belt
$3.75 + $2.75 + $2.00 + hand me down belt from mom = $8.50 for the outfit


Red buttoned skirt (cut to make it above the knee)// White short sleeved button-up // Sandal wedges // My great aunts costume pearl earrings & charm bracelet

 $4.00+$2.75+$2.00+ inherited bracelet & earrings = $8.75

Who says chic has to be expensive?//

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Mina said...

LAUREN! You're like my blog twin or the blogger I hope to be someday. I love your style and thrifty ideas, and especially your musing thoughts. I think you're great and this blog is beautiful. Can't wait to read more.

Peace & Love,


P.S. feel free to check out my blog, at your own risk. I'm attempting to revive it again, haha.