January 15, 2013

1.4 //I’m an immature grown up

//Confession: I’m an immature grown up.

Tomorrow I turn 27. Ten years ago, I would have told you that a 27 year old has a husband, house, two kids, and a full-time job (And is old). Funny how I don’t have any of those things…okay, technically I have a full-time job but took a vow of poverty for a year (which is a blog for another day), so it’s not exactly the same.

None the less I can say that I am actually quite fine with the way my life is now.  Though I occasionally find myself in a deep denial of my actual age--I have been turning ‘22’ for going on 5 years now-- I really love the journey my life has taken.

It’s been better than I thought. More challenging. More painful. More adventurous. More fun. And better than a picket fence American dream.

I will openly admit that despite my free-spirited ways and maturity level that hasn't exceeded an eighth grader; I am finding myself more and more doing “grown up things”. It’s just one part of getting older I suppose. No matter how fun and quirky I try to stay, I find myself falling into the norm of adulthood. Let me divulge:

1.       I regularly talk about health & tell others to take vitamin C.

Did you hear the flu is an epidemic? Gotta keep up that immune system.

2.       A prepared purse

You can find band aids, hand-sanitizer, gum, tums, pens, tissues, various types of lip product, and more in my shoulder companion.

3.       Budgeting

Not that I have a choice… and yes I coupon.

4.       I have to bring a sweater or jacket everywhere

Why do they keep it so cold in restaurants everywhere?

5.       Dressing well aka business casual

Oh how I miss rocking sweatpants to class or a uniform to work. Getting dressed requires getting up more than 15 minutes before I have to be at work and having hair that doesn't look like I stuck my head out the window on the drive.  

On the flip side, I still maintain these not-so-adult antics...

5.  I don’t put on makeup

I do, but not nearly as often as I should… ya know like daily. I’m not even wearing mascara today.

4. Checking my voicemails

          I was seven deep until yesterday. Just text me.

3. Colorful clothing

 I wore fuchsia tights for New Year’s. I own floral high-tops. I love my mustard gloves. My favorite coat is teal. Enough said. I am not ready for a closet that only includes grey-scale colors.

2. Disorganized life

Despite my attempts to make agendas, keep a date book, make lists; I take on too much, lose stuff, and forget things.

1.       Snooz’ing the alarm clock

Not on gym mornings… but I do set a “warning alarm” 15-min prior to actual wake up time. Any other morning. BEEPBEEPBEEP! Snooze… BEEPBEEP! Snooze…just 5 more minutes.

I might have to grow older but I may never grow up.\\


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Pitney Jules said...

We all learn lessons in their due time. Just be the best version of yourself you can be at the moment and keep an eye on the future.

Courtney said...

Well I'm all the things you mentioned in paragraph one but somehow don't really feel grown up either :)