January 23, 2013

1.6 //I am forgetful

// Confession: I am forgetful.

I may have half told this confession in my birthday post but this topic deserves to be expanded upon. I am a post-it freak and a list making expert. Yet, even with those efforts I find myself in scenarios like one this weekend. On my way home from visiting Chase, I would pass by the store I needed to go to; my list however was sitting on the dresser at my house. It took so much energy for my brain to try and reproduce that list. I left 2 things off...of course. The reason I bring the subject up is it rooted in a much bigger issue in my life. 

I forget to pray.

Okay, not for like my dinner, or when I'm in my car, I'm pretty good about carrying on a conversation with God throughout the day. But it's more for the specifics. I think sometimes I go to God like he's Santa with my request and then expect it to sort of magically appear under a tree. I don't want to pray that way. I want to be in pursuit of hearing an answer. I want to pray more about my heart. I want to pray daily about issues that I deal with daily. I can talk about my problems all day but what if I spent more time praying about them instead? I want God to change me through prayer.

When I am faced with a problem I like to come up with a practical solution. I wanted to be reminded of what I am praying for each week. This is when the right brain kicks and I get creative, thus I present to you my prayer-reminder board.  I use one in my room for prayer and I made one for the kitchen for reminders and a "need" list.

All I did was use an old picture frame, some scrapbook paper, and dry erase markers. I love these things so much that I made it one step easier for you by creating templates that you can print and frame if you don't have scrapbook paper ...or if you just like them :) Enjoy!

ps. These make thoughtful inexpensive gifts!

5x7 prints // Click the image to download the printable PDF

 8x10 Prints// Click the image to download the PDF

I'm glad the one thing I can't forget, is how faithful and good God is to me//

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